The Cage

Here are the chapters so far of the serial novel, The Cage, by Finley J. MacDonald

Chapter 1: “Underground Cathedral”

Chapter 2: “Mouse”

Chapter 3: “Pot on to Boil”

Chapter 4: “Mouse Hefts a Hammer”

Chapter 5 “The Battering Ram”

Chapter 6: “Blue Death”

Chapter 7: “Uncle Truman Thondup”

Chapter 8: “Thondup Beats Back Heaven”

Chapter 9: “Thondup’s Inn”

Chapter 10: “Drowning”

Chapter 11: “Girl Island”

Chapter 12: “Tree of Poisons”

Chapter 13: “The Black”

Chapter 14 “The Snake”

Chapter 15: “Click”

Chapter 16: “Subjugation”

Chapter 17: In Irons”

Chapter 18:”Swallowed by the Beast”

Chapter 19: “The Warden”

Chapter 20: “An Ally”

Chapter 21: “The Communal Female, by Gertrude Godchosen”

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