Angels, Delirium, Liberty: short review

Short review of ANGELS,DELIRIUM,LIBERTY, Steve Mellow: Broadway Producer

Images and poetry fly by.  In this book, the reader experiences a trip of poetry and imagination. Words take flight from the page.  One is caught up in conversations that started before the first chapter and continue after the last.   The author paints a picture with images, poetry, sound and action.  Images and poetry spill a film noir onto paper.   The reader is caught up in an avalanche of images.

Faces of the Fallen:

“C. cleared his spectacles with his sleeve and slid them up his nose.  The space before him swarmed with watchers in flux: tucked, fierce, dumpy faces, wax heads over threadbare, stuffed costumes, narrow scarecrows tilting over cigarettes.  A baby’s head bobbed drunken among warts and bellies in an arthritic, gnarled forest of hardening flesh.  Pressing a book to her heart, a schoolgirl, mislaid, wandering between stony foreheads and slooping chins.”

“Clopping, babbling mobs pushed, and cold drafts rushed across him.  Occasionally, he turned a page.”


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