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It seems that I am continually humbled in this process of learning to be an independent writer.  When I first made the decision to follow that path, I had no related skills.  For one thing, I live in China, where twitter and facebook have not been available.  Everything I have learned about formatting ebooks, blogging, and publishing on the web has come to me as a surprise.  It came to me as a surprise that the world of publishing fiction is rearranging itself like a village after a typhoon.

Earlier, I wrote: Publishing corporations are a long way from Halliburton or Bell Helicopter, but until I am convinced otherwise, they remain unjust.  The mushrooming of changes in publishing cannot be simply due to changes in technology but also they are a consequence; traditional publishing has for too long held production of the written word in tyrannical hands.  It’s hard for me to escape the conclusion that as a matter of social conscience I ought to drag my feet when it comes to legitimizing and extending this cycle.

I still believe this, but I feel more humble, as sorting out what resources are available and what works and what is valuable and what is not is a work in progress.  I’m a bit bewildered, for example, by contradictions concerning free material.  I have a general feeling that, as an egalitarian principle, it’s good for writers to provide some free content.  On the other hand, writers work and ought to be paid.

I have just re-released my first novel with improved cover art at Createspace.com and at Kindle Direct Publishing.  Thereafter, it sunk in that other channels are available for ebooks, Google, Apple, Kobi, Sony, Barnes and Noble.  I guess I passed over these before in blogs, but for me it is all still a surprise. 

These days I am posting the chapter of the first draft of my new novel online.  I had just finished working on a translation for about a year (it is still unpublished) before I launched this newest effort.  The structure of a story appeared; chapters were produced.  And then it all came to a horrible, dreary, wasting death.  Again I started up : underground, in a prison.  This time, I wanted to write consecutively, without getting lost in subplots.  So I began to post the chapters.  So far, so good!  I am no Dickens, but I have tried to soften the glare of plot irregularities . . ..      

 If you read anything here that you enjoy, I would be delighted to hear from you!  Feel free to reblog!


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