Cart Pullers, and Poem Offering by Haizi

17 Jun

Cart Pullers

Hearts dried bundles swinging from thongs below caved chests, the pushers of carts drag temples of cardboard, plains of apples, stub-armed, pink cadavers of hogs.  Motors hammer.  Old men and women pad like moon creatures on just-lit earth.  Everything is wheeled, pushed into place, staggered , borne, uplifted–on these carts that tilt at the edges of streets, barfing swill and rubbish from black chutes.  Everything.  Dented winter oranges.  Cabbages like heads piled and pawed after a massacre.  Silver, frozen, broken fish.  Cart pullers are now pushing past tenements joined at the seams, caked like mules that have fallen and cannot rise, windows full of ghosts and echoes.  Between smudged and blackened men and boys firing sparks at the skeletons of dinosaurs, performing open-thorax surgery on motorcycles, assembling tiger cages, battering rams, space ships.  On these streets that curl like sidewinder trails.  Passing warped tires, dead bicycles, nests of kindling, doors of sticks and stapled cloth, pairs of lonely boots on littered mounds of snow, and boy waiters who come out to smoke, grinning and strutting like red cardinals.

  Poem Offering

Haizi, translated by Finley J. MacDonald

Night falls.


Rejoins fire ten-thousand years past.

He is again at the white flame.

Fire returns to fire,

Night to night,

Eternity to eternity.

From earth, the evening rises

To cover the sky.



来自秘密传递的火  他又是在白白的燃烧

火回到火  黑夜回到黑夜  永恒回到永恒

黑夜从大地上升起  遮住了天空


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